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September 23, 2016

When you make your own bingo
Practice Christmas and winter vocabulary with these make-your-own Bingo cards from Super Simple Learning. #kindergarten #earlyelementary #ESL
  • Super Simple Learning

    Great question, Anna! Here’s a quick explanation. We’ll work on a blog post with more details.
    The basic way you play BINGO with these cards is to first make your BINGO boards by cutting out and gluing on the pictures from the second sheet to fill up your board. Be sure to mix up the pictures so that each board is different. We recommend laminating your finished BINGO boards so that you can play again and again!
    Then give each child a BINGO board and some Markers. These can be little pieces of paper, coins, poker chips, or other small objects. Students use these to ‘mark’ the pictures on their BINGO board as the words are called out.
    Then get your Calling Cards (you can use the mini flashcards we link to above, or print and cut out the second sheet of the BINGO game). Mix up all of your Calling Cards and select one. Say the word, or show students the picture on the card. Whoever has that picture on their BINGO board puts a Marker on that square (the small piece of paper or coin). Pick the next Calling Card and call out that word.
    Continue picking cards and calling out the words. The first person to make a line of Markers across, down, or diagonal on their board says, “BINGO!” and is the winner for that round. Clear the boards of Markers and play again.
    This is one of our favorite classroom games. Give it a try and let us know what you think!


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