Make your own Xmas cards

April 24, 2020

Make your Own Christmas Cards

It's that magical time of year again! Eggnog, twinkling lights, pantomimes, carols, the smell of Gingerbread baking-what's not to love!

The colder weather means your kiddlets are spending less time outside, so now is the perfect time to start on some seasonal crafts. Why not make your own festive Christmas cards? Your friends and family will appreciate the more personalized greeting. Plus, it's a great excuse to sneak in a recent family photo!

Steps to Make the Card

1. Come up with an awesome photo idea.

Humour can be great here! One year my family and I posed with reindeer antlers (we even found some for the dog! Poor Willow, she looked most unenthusiastic about the whole ordeal). A Santa costume for dad, with mom dressed up as Mrs. Klaus and the kids as elves and the dog as a reindeer again is another gooder.

Some families prefer a more formal pose, and that's great too. Dress up in colourful, festive clothes, and choose a beautiful outdoor location. Make sure the light is good. I find 2-3pm is a lovely time to take photos in the winter, as you get that golden afternoon glow.

Make sure you have a decent camera for these photos. You can always borrow one from a friend for the occasion.

2. Pick your photographer with care.

A professional photographer can take those "next level" photos, but depending on your budget might not be the way to go.

Ask someone who you know takes good photos to do your Christmas snapshot, whether it be a friend, family member, or of course a photographer friend who's willing to lend a helping hand would be ideal!

This goes without saying, but don't choose that friend or family member who has a knack for capturing you at your worst angle with your eyes closed, head cut-off, and demonic red eyes (sorry Dad, I love you, but you will NOT being taking our Christmas photo this year).

3. Edit, design, and print.

Once you are satisfied with you photo, design your card. You can do this through Photoshop or you can use a website that has Christmas card templates (here is one). Think of a funny and original message to put inside the card.

Now all you have to do is print the card! If you have a good quality colour printer, you can do it from home. Otherwise, a store like Staples can print cards for you. Make sure to get paper that's designed for cards. You can find such paper in any office supply store.

4. Add some fun, personalized touches.

Make the card even more special with a touch or red ribbon around the border, or some plastic holly glued to the edges of the photo. I love to use snowflake stickers and glitter to create a wintry theme. Most craft stores have a Christmas section where you can find a ton of fun knick knacks that would be a great addition to the card.


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