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July 20, 2021

In today s age where everyone

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An Easter Sentiment for Cards/Crafts:

Because of the Cross, we have:

Forgiveness for our sins
Reconciliation to the Father
Hope for the future
Redemption for our souls
Healing for our bodies
Victory over death
Restoration of our lives
Deliverance from the enemy
Soundness of mind
...and God’s Transforming Grace
wrapped in His Amazing Love.

Jesus Christ crucified,
His blood shed for all
The sacrificial Lamb of God,
Arose as Lord of Lords
And we can all rejoice today
In what our Lord has done,
No sacrifice can be compared
To that of God's dear Son.

Under the burden of the cross
That Jesus our Lord endured
With all the beatings and the mocking
Shouts of 'crucify', He heard
But still, He had deep compassion
In spite of what He went through
Crying out, 'Father forgive them
For they know not what they do'.

More than Easter bunnies
And chocolate eggs galore,
Is the cross of Calvary,
The sacrifice of our Lord —
For Jesus is the reason,
We all can celebrate
And come to Him to freely receive
His love and saving grace.

The most wonderful things
That Easter time brings
Is knowing that our Lord
Was crucified for all
The giving of His life
The most holy sacrifice
And He did it just for us
Out of His undying love
Then on the third day
He rose from the grave
And lives forever more
As our Saviour and Lord.

The time has arrived
To give thanks to Him
For giving His life
To free us from sin
He bled and died
And grieved within,
But on the third day
He rose again.

Lord, you have given
Each of your children
A hope and a destiny

You gave us life
The day you died
And set our spirit's free

With each new day
That comes along,
We live to honour Thee

Wondrous works
And radiant light,
Is Jesus full of
Power and might
He died for all
That we may be free,
The sacrificial lamb
Nailed to the tree
But in God's power
And in His might
He was raised from death
To glorious life.

The greatest love
Is Jesus Christ,
Who died for us
Then was raised to life
He's alive today
And lives in our hearts,
Our debts now all paid
To give a new start.

God's love was the way
To the old wooden cross
When we had no hope
And were eternally lost
He offered unto us
A new life in Him
Through His fateful death
And His resurrection.

Jesus is Lord
Enthroned above
Who gave this gift
Of perfect love,
Who bled and died
To save us all
Now reigns supreme
As Lord of Lords.

Love we forever
Hold in our hearts
For Jesus, our Saviour,
Who in years gone past
Lived to bring comfort,
Healing and grace
But rejected and beaten,
He died in our place
Jesus so loved
Did all He could do
When nailed to the cross,
He forgave me and you.

He found it in His heart
To forgive us just the same,
Even when He died
And was suffering so much pain
Even from the cross
As His life was nearly through,
He cried, "Father forgive them
For they know not what they do"
Oh what love so great
That His thoughts were filled with us

Source: www.heavensinspirations.com

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