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July 12, 2021


What to Write in a Sympathy Card

Sympathy card messages can be the most difficult card messages to write. The blank spot in the card can intimidate as it stares back at you. Both you and the card sit there saying nothing, waiting for the other to start the conversation. Here you will find examples of sympathy messages that you can use for the blank spot in your card.

Knowing someone who is going through loss can be difficult, and figuring out what to say to that person can be the most difficult part. You have options. You can write something encouraging, meaningful, or supportive. Make your message sincere and thoughtful. Use the following examples to help you figure out the best sympathy card message you can write.

PictureExamples of Sympathy Messages

Sympathy card messages for a death of a loved one can be the most difficult to write.

  1. We will miss ___. He/she was a wonderful person.
  2. We are praying for you and your family, and we're sending our love your way.
  3. Those we love who pass away live on in us through our memories and our character.
  4. I am sorry about your loss. You will be in my thoughts and prayers.
  5. I don’t know what you’ll need in the coming days, but I’ll be checking in on you.
  6. My deepest sympathies are with you and your family at this time of grieving.
  7. Please accept my deepest condolences. I am praying for strength and comfort for you at this time.
  8. The pain of loss is something that none can escape, but you don’t have to go through it alone. I'm available any time.
  9. It's difficult to lose someone close. If there is any way I can make things easier for you please let me know. Expect me to call to check on you in the next week.
  10. I am praying for you to get through this time with the peace that comes from the knowledge that God loves you and that He will take care of you.
  11. I am sending you this card to let you know that I am thinking of you. I am sorry for your loss.
  12. I was saddened to hear of your loss, and I realize you have lost a blessing from God. I pray that God will bless continue to bless you in other ways and strengthen you.
  13. I am at a loss of words, and I don't know what to say to you to help you feel better. Please accept my condolences anyway. I'll be praying for you.
  14. I hope that you know that you can call me anytime about anything. Let me know what I can do to help.
  15. I am praying for you to have peace and strength at this time. You have my deepest sympathies.
  16. I hope you understand that when people write in a card, 'Sorry for your loss, ' it is only because they can't put together words to describe what they are wanting to express to you during this time. With that said, I am sorry for your loss.
  17. I am sorry you lost your dad. I haven't written a sympathy card message before, so I don't know exactly what to say. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.
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How to Write a Sympathy Card
How to Write a Sympathy Card
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