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June 10, 2016

Personalised Birthday Card
Col. Parker sent Elvis this Thanksgiving telegram in 1964.Posted by

Imagine making a list of your Christmas card recipients, and one of the people on that list is none other than Elvis Presley.

Plenty of celebrities and entertainers sent cards to Elvis and his family during the holiday season. Some cards included personalized notes, but some didn’t. Some included family portraits. Some were funny; some were sacred. Elvis kept these special cards, and sent some out himself, which often included happy holiday wishes from his manager, Col.Actress Jayne Mansfield sent this handwritten note and family photo to Elvis. Tom Parker.

The Colonel was fond of sending telegrams to wish stars a happy holiday or happy birthday, as well as wishing them a good opening night on a performance. He often signed such messages from himself and Elvis, but he also sent Elvis a “Happy Thanksgiving” message one year. (Click the photos to enlarge.)

Elvis received a sweet card from actress Jayne Mansfield, her husband Matt Cimber and her four children.

Singer Rick Nelson and his wife Kris included a family portrait with their holiday greeting.

Another card with a family portrait is this gem from the Nelson family, sent at Christmas 1967. It’s from Rick Nelson and his wife Kris, and their (at the time) three children, Tracy and twins Matthew and Gunnar.

Elvis also received this card from his drummer, DJ Fontana, and his family.

Comedian George Burns wanted to wish a happy holidays in many languages.

Singer Sammy Davis Jr. sent Elvis a beautiful spiritual scene.

Some celebrities couldn’t resist a laugh, even at the holidays. Bob Hope and Sophie Tucker’s cards surely made Elvis smile.

This card is signed from the Fontana family. A holiday card from George Burns. Sammy Davis Jr. sent Elvis this Christmas card one year. Elvis received this greeting from the legendary comedian Bob Hope.
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