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December 14, 2019

Bernard Maisner

Unicorns & Penguins: A Holiday Adventure from Schwabe, Williamson & Wyatt


Schwabe, Williamson & Wyatt, P.C. wanted to produce a light, meaningful and memorable holiday card to better reflect the firm’s culture and values and distribute that card to a list of more than 16, 000 contacts.

The first goal was to increase the chance of someone opening the card, so the firm launched the e-card Dec. 2, 2014. The second goal was that the firm wanted to sincerely thank its clients and the community for their business relationship with SW&W.

2015_Promo-HolidayCard_Second.jpgTo accomplish these objectives, SW&W needed to create a card that:

  1. Recipients would open
  2. Recipients would keep listening to
  3. Would evoke a positive reaction — warmth, laughter or a smile

The firm knew it was incredibly lucky to have a managing partner agree to be depicted as a cartoon character. This amusing approach was key to making the card unique compared with other similar concepts.

As one e-card recipient said, “This is not a sweater from Target, THIS IS A HANDMADE SWEATER.”

2015_Promo-HolidayCard_Third.jpgThe firm knew that including children’s responses would be endearing — even more so knowing that they were from children of SW&W employees. The firm added additional layers to the e-card by including outtakes from the children’s recording sessions.

SW&W was not prepared for the overwhelming response from both its clients and its attorneys, including a few who said, “I thought this was silly, but then…” Attorneys were contacted by current and prospective clients within minutes of the e-card being sent, resulting in business development opportunities.

Online Resource:

Hermes Sargent Bates, LLP 2014 Holiday Card

Hermes Sargent Bates, LLP enjoys producing a memorable holiday card every year. For 2014, the firm sought to produce a style of card that would achieve a variety of objectives: reflect the firm’s culture and energy of its attorneys; connect people with the firm’s brand and tagline, “Minds over matters™;” ultimately resonate with clients and recipients; promote the annual toy donation to Scottish Rite Hospital for Children; meet outlined budget constraints; and allow the attorneys to sign individual cards.

Collaboration between the firm’s marketing committee and MasonBaronet, the agency engaged to help the firm create its card, produced a theme and end-product that satisfied the over-arching creative and budgetary goals. The result was: “The Happy Holiday Memory Game for Stronger Minds Over Matters.”


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