Snapfish Holiday Photo Cards

December 19, 2018

Late delivery of holiday cards

Confession: I’m not on my A-Game these days (did the rat’s nest on my head and spit up on the shoulder of my 3 day old tee give it away?) My stove hasn’t seen a pan in months and my curling iron might just die, literally, if I were to re-introduce it to my hair. Ah, the joys of having a newborn. While eyeliner, nice hair and fabulous home cooked meals may be a thing of the past (or at least months from being a norm again), there is one thing I’m not willing to drop the 8-ball on: making and storing memories of said hygiene stealer.

When Jonah was born 8 years ago, I was really good about taking pictures and printing them immediately. But now, with a (better) smartphone, it can get very easy to get lazy about printing out photos when you can just store them on your phone and share easily with family and friends on social media (? My 1200 friends don’t want daily pictures of my little one? Oh.) But for fear of Oliver one day growing up and realizing that the second born really do have so many less photos than their older siblings, I’m determined to do as great a job about saving these memories.

It couldn’t come at a better time for me to team up with on behalf of is dedicated to making it easy, affordable, and fun for millions of people around the world to store, share, and turn their photos into beautiful, personal keepsakes and gifts.

They’re known for their great value, and now they have a new, easy to use site with new designs to help you be more creative than ever.

From traditional photo cards (perfect for the holidays), to Photo Books, Photo Calendars for your walls at home or your desk at work, Photo Canvases to decorate your home, and prints of photos in a variety of sizes, that are great for everything from scrapbooking to framing, I can be in baby memory heaven. In fact, next week we’re having a family/newborn photo session. I will most definitely be heading to Snapfish to create photo cards and pick out a few gifts for grandparents.

Here are some of my favorite Holiday Cards that would be perfect to send to announce our new baby and capture the love he and his big brother Jonah have! So many great ones to choose from… ahhh!

Can’t wait to share what other great gifts I come up with this season with the help of Stay tuned!


Creating a holiday card in Snapfish
Creating a holiday card in Snapfish
Snapfish Holiday Cards GREATCARDS promotion
Snapfish Holiday Cards GREATCARDS promotion
Late delivery of holiday cards has Snapfish customers fuming
Late delivery of holiday cards has Snapfish customers fuming
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