Getting Cards Printed

January 11, 2020

Getting cards printed

- Photo by Lisa MarderExample of notecards with image of painting by Wolf Kahn, front: image of painting, back: image and artist information. Also an insert with biographical information. Photo by Lisa Marder

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Many artists make extra income from notecards of their paintings, selling the notecards out of their studios, through their websites, in craft fairs, or through local stores or art centers.

An original piece of art can cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars, costing more than many people can afford. It may also be physically larger than many people can accommodate in their homes. If you are an artist who produces larger, more expensive artwork you can earn income from your artwork in between sales of those larger pieces by selling smaller pieces at a lower price point and by making prints and notecards of your work.

Reasons for having notecards:

  • Notecards are a good way to introduce your work to potential customers. People who might not have heard of you yet and might not be ready to spring for an expensive original painting would be happy to buy notecards they like. The notecards will remind them of who you are and where they can find you when the time is right for them to purchase one of your larger works.
  • Your work is more affordable to more people. Someone may already know your work and absolutely love it, but just can't afford an original piece of art. Notecards enable them to have a legitimate image of your work without the cost. They can even buy their own frame for the card if they want to keep it as an individual piece of artwork. People will enjoy having a boxed set of images of several of your paintings.
  • Your work is more visible, which is always good. The more your work is seen, the better it is for you. And cards have a far-reaching effect, literally, as the customer who buys them then sends them off to friends in other parts of the country and world. These people then receive your card, like it, and look your website up on the internet. (Get that website up and running!)

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