Diwali Animated Greeting Cards

February 11, 2018


Diwali Messages and Greetings 2014Diwali, the festival of lights, is here again! And it’s time to greet all your loved ones, family and friends, close and the not-so-close relatives, neighbors and practically every aunt and uncle in your town!

So, how do you plan to greet so many people in such a short time? Gifts for everyone? Not possible unless you are ready to go bankrupt. Sweets? Definitely a no, no for the health conscious folks. Greeting cards? A very good choice. But so much wastage of paper!

You probably have heard about e-greeting cards, right. Ever sent one? Why not? They have a personal warmth, are free and eco-friendly too. And all hail the ubiquitous Internet; it’s now possible to be virtually present in everyone’s inbox wishing “Happy Diwali” and gifting your personalized e-greeting card.

This Diwali, authorSTREAM brings you the most gorgeous and absolutely free collection of Diwali e-greeting cards. Choose the one(s) you like, add your heartfelt message and send them to your loved ones right away or schedule it for later.

Imagine the smile on your loved one’s face when he finds a festive greeting card like the one below waiting for him in the inbox:

Gorgeous right! You can make a beautiful presentation greeting card like that one too. Just open your favorite presentation tool- PowerPoint or Keynote- add your Diwali wishes, photos, sparkling animations, your own voiceover or your favorite soundtrack and more. Upload it online on authorSTREAM and keep it public for everyone to see or private for select viewing. Once that’s done, you can go to authorSTREAM Greetings section and send your presentation as a greeting card via email to your loved ones.

And hey, you don’t have to wait till Diwali to send your greeting card. You can schedule it today so that your loved ones receive it on the day and at the time you want them to see. You can even write your personalized message that would be sent along with your greeting. Isn’t that cool!

If you are short on time, then choose from amongst our collection of free, readymade Diwali presentation greetings and send the one(s) you like to your special ones. For free!

authorSTREAM wishes you a very Happy Diwali and hope that it brings you joy, health and prosperity. Do continue to light up the lives of others with your beautiful slideshows! Have a safe and prosperous Diwali!

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animated diwali greeting
animated diwali greeting
Diwali greetings
Diwali greetings
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