Handmade New Year Greeting Cards

July 24, 2016

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Materials and tools in making the new year quilling paper card:Summary: This is the paper quilling card design that you want. Come with me to see how to make this New Year paper quilling greeting card.

Making New Year Greeting card must be an interesting thing for kids and a necessity for mothers. Today I will introduce you another quilling paper card design- quilling paper candle and flower card for New Year! You can invite you kids to do it together!

Make red and green petalsMaterials and tools in making the new year quilling paper card:

5mm Red Quilling Paper
5mm Yellow Quilling Paper
Quilling Models
Quilling Pen

Step 1: Make red and green petals

Make quilling paper flowers1st, cut 5 pieces of 5mm green quilling papers, and 5 pieces of 5mm red quilling papers(each about 19.5cm long);
2nd, roll the quilling papers with a rolling pen and put them to 12cm size hole to adjust one by one;
3rd, stick the tail, hold and fix one point with tweezers and press the other end with fingers to make it a petal-like shape as pictured;
4th, repeat this process to make the rest petals.

Step 2: Make quilling paper flowers

1st, prepare a piece of card paper, stick 5 green petals on bottom part of the card;
2nd, stick the rest 5 red petals on the surface of the green flower as pictured;
3rd, cut a small piece of 5mm yellow quilling paper, and roll it into a small bead;
4th, stick the yellow quilling paper bead to the flower to make it a bud.

Step 3: Add additional ornaments

1st, roll another 2 pieces of red quilling paper (about 25cm), and make them into snail shape as shown;
2nd, stick the ornaments in opposite positions and trim them.

Step 4: Add quilling paper candles

1st, cut 9 pieces of red quilling paper (about 10cm), and roll them into 8cm beads one by one;
2nd, stick 5 red quilling paper beads to the left side and the other 4 beads to the right side as pictured;

3rd, cut 2 pieces of yellow quilling paper and roll them into 8cm bead respectively;
4th, fix one end with tweezers and press the other end to shape them;
5th, stick them to the top of the candles respectively.

Time for the final look of this quilling paper new year card!

This quilling paper New Year greeting card is finished. Maybe you will find the main step is to roll the quilling papers and shape them. So once you've grasped the rolling skills you will make it in a moment! Just give it a try with your kids!

Add additional ornaments Add quilling paper candles
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New Year Greeting Card
New Year Greeting Card
New Year Ecard
New Year Ecard
Handmade Greeting Cards
Handmade Greeting Cards
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