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September 6, 2016

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Creating online greeting card copy can be lucrative.Creating online greeting card copy can be lucrative.

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As Internet shopping increases, more online greeting card jobs are becoming available for writers. Writers who are interested in breaking into the online market must understand the differences in writing copy for printed greeting cards vs. online greeting cards. While greeting card writers may be in demand, editors continue to hold out for high-quality copy and fresh ideas. In order to tackle the online industry, it is essential for writers to understand the in's and out's of publishing in the virtual world.

The Competition

Since most online companies have a pool of in-house writers to create copy for their greeting cards, freelance writers have to put their best foot forward when approaching editors. Because these greeting card companies will most likely receive an influx of writers looking for work, it is important for your writing to be as versatile as possible, including humor, rhyming prose, non-rhyming prose, poetry, etc. For example, if a greeting card company accepts only humor, be sure to sharpen your funny material for submission.


Unlike the print greeting card business, the online greeting card industry does not waste time in getting back to you. While a printed greeting card submission may take up to three months to receive a response, the turnover time for an online greeting card idea can be as quick as three days. This speedy turnover also allows for the writer to handle any requested revisions immediately.


When writing for print, you can stop by your local card store or pharmacy and pick up a copy of your greeting card. However, you can't do the same with a virtual card. In the best case scenario, you might receive a link to your work. Also, with online markets, you will most likely be considered a ghostwriter without any name recognition for your work.

Tips for Success

Online greeting card markets follow current cultural trends. Before applying to a company, research the cards on their site. Notice the characteristics of the most popular or highest-selling cards and be sure to incorporate these qualities with a fresh angle in your own copy. Always follow card guidelines on the company's site. If guidelines are not listed, query the editor and request them before submitting any material.


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