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October 13, 2016

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Free Printable Baby Shower Games: Baby Gift Bingo #Hallmark #HallmarkIdeas

Baby Gift Bingo

To play our bingo game, print out the templates onto card stock (as many as you need) and cut in half. (Each page has 2 unique cards—making a total of 12.) For additional bingo cards, use the blank template provided on the last page of the pdf to create your own. Give guests “markers, ” such as candies or stickers, to mark their cards as Mom and Dad open their gifts. The first guest to get 5 in a row yells “Bingo” and wins a prize!

Letters from Baby

Print out the cover for your book, plus as many pages as you need on card stock and cut out. Guests can fill in the pages with their own words. When the shower is over, bind the cover and pages together with a hole punch and an O-ring. Then give it to Mom and Dad.

Tip: You can laminate the cover (and the pages) for a more lasting memento.

If you’re looking for additional baby shower game ideas, here are a few perennial favorites for you and your guests to enjoy:

  • Balloon Babies: Have a baby wrapping competition using balloon "babies" and large pieces of silky, slippery fabric for swaddling. Set a timer, and the first person who can wrap and unwrap a baby without popping it wins.
  • Guess Who: Have guests send you pictures of themselves as babies. Put them all on a poster board with numbers, and have all your guests identify who’s who.
    Tip: Print black-and-white versions of all the photos to make it harder to figure out.
  • Name Search: Create a word search with all the baby names Mom and Dad were considering. Tell guests how many names to find, but don’t provide a list. They will have fun figuring out the real names.
    Tip: Put some creative spellings in your word search to throw people off course. Then toss in a few extra names.
  • Gender Guess: If Mom and Dad are waiting to reveal the baby’s gender at the shower, have guests choose pink or blue ribbons or hats to wear. You can have competitions throughout the shower between “team pink” and “team blue.”
  • Baby Tokens: Give guests 10 to 20 "tokens" (wrapped candies work great). Then forbid guests from saying the word “baby.” During the shower, whoever says “baby” has a token taken away (whoever notices the slip first gets to keep the token). The guest with the most tokens at the end of the shower wins.
  • Baby Makers: Have guests put a piece of paper (or paper plate) on their heads. Then set a timer, and have them draw a baby on the paper. The guest whose drawing most resembles a baby when the timer goes off wins.
    Tip: You can also play a version of this game with modeling clay. Instead of on their heads, have guests create their baby sculptures behind their backs, or one-handed, or both!

Amber Goodvin is a lettering artist at Hallmark where she loves getting to make words and pictures all day. She lives with two pugs, a husband and son. She is addicted to sparkling water, coffee and shiny new pens.

Tobe Reed is a Hallmark designer and new mom to a special little lady. She also writes a design blog, enjoys scouring the city for vintage treasures, and dreams of opening a bed and breakfast so she always has an excuse to redecorate.


Thank You Mom - Happy Mother s Day - Hallmark TV Commercial
Thank You Mom - Happy Mother s Day - Hallmark TV Commercial
Thank You Cards Wording
Thank You Cards Wording
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