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September 24, 2016

Do you want to know what is

Come closer friends, I have a little secret to share.

I love sappy, cheesy, romantic movies.

Here’s the thing, I’m a romantic at heart, y’all – a very hopeful romantic. I adore romance and joy, and love and laughter.

There’s so much going on in the world every day, and I adore the escapism that I get while watching romance movies. I get giddy at the first meeting, the sparks that fly – whether in anger or lust – so much fun! I enjoy getting wrapped up in the characters and their lives; the drama, the whirlwind, the families, and it all gets wrapped up in under 2 hours! Happily Ever After makes me happy, y’all.

Nathan and I don’t celebrate Valentine’s day in any real traditional ways. Boxes of chocolates and flowers aren’t our norm, instead, we leave each other little love notes, treats, and surprises throughout the year, as well as the month of February. We believe in celebrating love and family year-round – so we do it with text messages, post it notes stuck on mirrors, computers, doors, and in lunch boxes.

Another thing we do, is we stay home on Valentine’s day. My background is in the restaurant industry (line cook, hostess, server, manager, bartender), which means that for me, going out to eat on Valentine’s Day is a rookie move (unless that’s your thing… then I suggest patience and a big tip)

Our Valentine’s Day revolves around family – we might make a fun breakfast together with homemade doughnut holes, monkey bread, bacon, mimosas, or a Texas Bloody Mary. We might go out for a walk, go to the park to throw the football or baseball around (it’s Texas – Valentine’s Day is usually in the mid-70’s) this year, we’ll be spending it at the gym for Princess’ competitive cheer NCA showoff. Oh, Nathan and I will be performing with our parent cheer team Beast Mode! I might spoil myself with a mani-pedi after that workout! The whole family goes together Nathan loves the hot stone leg massage and the massage chairs, Princess and Monkey both love putting their feet in the spa water, and having their feet massaged.

Following that we’ll probably come home, grill some steaks, enjoy the gorgeous Texas weather and sunset – and then curl up together to watch some movies.

All month the Hallmark Channel has been Counting down to Valentine’s Day with love-filled romance movies. This Sunday, Valentine’s day, The Hallmark Channel will be featuring original Valentine’s Movies all day, leading up to the premiere of Anything for Love, a brand new Hallmark Original Movie.

Romance movies aren’t typically Nathan’s thing, he prefers action and thrillers, but because he loves me, we will be watching these movies together


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Thank you cards for my teachers and blab pt 1
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Thank you teacher card
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