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April 7, 2021

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It’s the day before Christmas, and all through the internets, individuals are watching video holiday greeting cards.

video-holiday-greeting-cards The genre that’s causing brick and mortar paper gift institutions to readjust their business plans is trending on YouTube, with everyone from Jed Whedon to the Missouri Department of Conversation to a handful of college coeds and their universities participating in the spread of holiday cheer.

With all the caroling and mediocre plays on classic Christmas songs, it’s hard to choose favorites, but these are the top three video holiday greeting cards that brought us the most joy.

Next New Networks

Given new media studio‘ pedigree (Co-Founder Fred Seibert was MTV’s original creative director), it’s no surprise they have super sweet branding. But their nBot mascot doesn’t nearly get enough play. In this video holiday greeting card, however, the little guy steals the show from a dozen or so of NNN’s talented creators in a 45-second video cut by one split-screen-happy editor.

First Round Capital

First Round Capital is a seed stage venture capital fund based in San Francisco. To show they’re hip to the internet and can get into the holiday season, the company spoofed the Isaiah Mustafa Old Spice campaign, complete with a series of response videos. Representatives from many of their portfolio companies get in on the greeting as well.


The Canadian, interactive communications company Klick went all out on their epic, 7:31 lip dub, including over 50 shout outs to popular memes and viral videos. It’s not perfect, but you have to admire their effort. In the spirt of giving, Klick is also offering an iPad to the first individual who can send them a list correctly naming all the references.


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