DIY Christmas Greeting cards

April 3, 2021

DIY Christmas Greeting

Holiday GreetingsWhy restrict yourself to the holiday card aisle at the grocery store this season? There are apps for DIY Christmas cards that not only let you send e-cards instantly, but also send them through snail mail for a more traditional touch. There are many apps to choose from, and at least as many card options, so this holiday season you can turn to these popular holiday card creation apps to help send season’s greetings to all of your friends and family.

justWink conveniently allows you to link it with your social media accounts to get any and all birthday, event, and holiday reminders from one easy source. A friendly prompt will ask if you want to make a card for upcoming events. You can buy pre-made cards from the company’s store, or the app also lets you make your own personalized greeting cards for free. This site offers quirky cards that are fun for all ages.

Red Stamp offers a large sample array of cards, and even set bookmarks on cards you’ll want to use in the future. Once your card is created, Red Stamp will send it to your recipients by email, text, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or even traditional mailing services. The giving doesn’t end when Christmas is over; Red Stamp has cards for all occasions.

This app is all about customization beyond the holiday card itself. Once you choose a card from Celebrations’ large library of designs from independent designers, charities, and brands, you can customize the card as well as the envelope it comes in. The app also has a tracking option that lets you know the location and status of your card, whether it is an e-card or a card sent physically through the mail. However, this service will cost anywhere from $0 to $10, depending on what cards you choose.

Not only is Care2 a great card company that allows you to send animated e-cards, it also generates money for charities all over the world. For every e-card you send, you will earn a “butterfly” credit, and once you save up a certain number of credits you’ll be able to exchange them for donations, such as clean drinking water for impoverished communities or pet food for animal shelters. Care2 really takes “the season of giving” to heart.

Apps can make almost anything more convenient, and that certainly applies to sending greeting cards. With the variety of apps for DIY Christmas cards that are available, you will have no trouble finding holiday cards with which to convey your appreciation for friends and family as the year comes to a close.


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