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July 28, 2023


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How about greeting your customers with a one of a kind look? Our PFL design team can make sure your greeting card represents you at your best.

Who doesn't love to receive a personal card in the mail?

It's undeniable that greeting cards are a timeless and classic way to connect with people that matter to you and your business. Traditionally, greeting cards are sent out for birthdays and holidays, but they can be used for much, much more. PFL's custom greeting cards can be used to invite customers to an exclusive event, thank customers for a recent purchase, as a tool to encourage repeat sales and business (with a gift card inside) or just as a "thinking of you" gesture.

A greeting card is more personal than a postcard, more memorable than a letter, and more likely to be kept and shared with others. It is a friendly gesture that is genuinely appreciated and well reciprocated by the consumers and prospective clientele alike. Go that extra step for your customers!

You can customize with a printed message, or leave the inside blank should you want to handwrite each one for that added personal touch. While we score cards for easy folding, you may also request us to ship them already folded. And don't forget the envelopes! They can be blank or printed with your return address.

Have you said hello to your customers lately? First, say hello to our Marketing Advisors at 800-­930-6040 for a custom quote and/or free sample of our stellar greeting cards. Or place an order online with your own design or try our easy to use custom templates for your personalized cards now.

Emails, text messaging, instant messaging, voice mail - in today's world, quick and electronic is the norm for personal and business communication. Yet one method of connecting that is still appreciated is the classic business greeting card. Greeting cards are a great way to reach out to people that matter to you and your business. They are a tangible and timeless tool for delivering a personal message to your valued customers, business acquaintances, friends and family. How you use a greeting card to touch someone is limited only by your imagination.

Greeting Cards - The Magic Marketing Touch

The name "greeting card" may be a bit of a misnomer. While birthday cards and holiday cards are most commonly used, custom greeting cards and note cards are available in just about any size for a multiple of uses:
  • Business event invitations
  • Wedding and special event invitations
  • Thank you cards and follow-up notes
  • Employee recognition cards
  • Gift card holders
  • Table tents (parties, restaurants, clubs, bars)
  • Special offer invitations

Take the Time and Time it Right

Sending greeting cards is a proven way to re-connect with your customers. With so many emails inundating our inboxes, greeting cards get noticed, especially when you take a few moments to personalize them with the recipient's name and a hand-written message. Some of the most effective times to send out business greeting cards are the same for customer greetings:
  • Holidays, birthdays, sympathy or congratulations occasions
  • Customer "anniversaries, " around the date they first became your customer
  • Special business occasion invitations, such as the grand opening of a new store or a special "preferred customer" appreciation event
You'll be simultaneously strengthening your relationship, solidifying your position as their vendor of choice, and marketing your brand and business to the people that help made your success possible.

Maximizing your Printing Dollars with Greeting Cards

To create an effective greeting card campaign, set up a calendar and send out cards on a regular basis for key events. Be sure to plan ahead for your greeting card printing project and order enough cards to last you through your customer-base and mailing for the year. A classic design or photo, one that is not specific to a holiday or theme, allows you to use the cards for almost any occasion. Plus, you'll save money by ordering more at one time to lower the cost per card.

Create Personalized Holiday Cards

Connecting with customers and prospects during the holiday season is expected but your holiday card message can get lost in the sea of holiday mail. Since you are making the effort to send holiday cards, make sure they get noticed and displayed. Customize your holiday card design with unique images, uncommon sizes and special features such as die-cuts. Your holiday card campaign is a cinch when you use online tools to create your custom holiday greeting card, such as our premium Design Online Holiday Cards. Just plug in your text and upload your images for quick and easy personalized or photo greeting cards. Mailing your cards is easy, too, with a professional mailing service handling the inserting, addressing and mailing to your customer or holiday list at just pennies a piece plus postage.

Greeting Card Design Tips

Your card design should reflect your business and appeal to your audience. In general, it's a good practice to keep your greeting card design fairly simple, clutter-free, and classic. A professional photo of your facility, maybe your staff or logo works well for the cover. Or, choose a scenic or artistic image that catches the eye and piques interest. Traditional greeting cards are not the right place to stick a sales pitch. The focus is on your recipient, not you! A thoughtful message and salutation that fits the occasion is always appropriate, or leave it blank if you'll be writing a personal, hand-written message. Talk with your printer about paper options, finishes and colors. Some paper stocks convey rich photography better than others, while others are ideal for writing on with any type of pen. Ask for samples and discuss how your design will look on your chosen greeting card paper stock.

Get Started Today...Your Customers Are Worth It!

How often do we take the time to touch base personally with customers and truly thank them for their loyalty? Don't wait, and don't underestimate the impact of a simple greeting card! Get with your staff or graphic designer, start thinking of a design for your greeting cards, assemble your mailing list, and find the right printing service for your project. Your customers will appreciate the gesture and the reminder that you're just a phone call or email away. And you'll strengthen your customer base one thoughtful and affordable 'thank you' at a time.

Greeting Card Designer Key Gen - greeting card designer online
Greeting Card Designer Key Gen - greeting card designer online
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