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February 26, 2017

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Making a birthday card is a practical and meaningful craft activity for kids - a project with a purpose. A store bought card just doesn't compare. There's just something special about a handmade birthday card. The thoughts, love and time that go into a handmade card are priceless.

We've recently celebrated a very special milestone in our family. Before the big day, Little Miss and Little Mister each made a birthday card.

I folded card stock in half and then let the kids design their own cards . Little Miss decided to paint a flower with a face in the middle.

After the paint dried, she used her special fluoro pens for the message underneath...

They both traced around templates for the inside of the cards. Oh, and a little drawing on the hands as well.

The message inside is where it gets really special. Little Mister told me what he wanted to write. As he dictated, I wrote on paper, and then he copied the message onto the card.


Being older, Little Miss wanted to write a longer message. Again, the words are all her own - so much more meaningful than a poem, written by an adult, inside a bought card.

They were both very proud of their cards and of course, their great grandmother just LOVED them!!!

Happy Birthday, Dorrie!!! Ninety five and still sharp as a tack. So pleased you enjoyed your surprise and the week of celebrations.

Source: www.threadingmyway.com

how to make beautiful handmade birthday card
how to make beautiful handmade birthday card
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