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October 2, 2017


AGi architects_2016 greeting card LandingWe will be celebrating our 10th anniversary next year and we’d like you to join us! To this intent we are launching a small design competition for the 2016 New Year’s greeting card.

We invite everyone to explore their creativity and help us to find the best greeting card ever!!.


There will be two different competition categories:

KIDS category

We would like to encourage kids up to 12 years of age to participate in the competition. Only physical format designs must be delivered in this category (Kids designs could be sent via courier but due to the tight timing should be delivered via email in high quality scanned format)

ADULTS category

Creative adults (over 18 years old) will deliver both physical and digital versions of the design.


We usually send the card inside a C6 or DL envelope (DIN), so the size of the card should be:
90/100×200/210 mm (DL)
94/104×142/152 mm (C6)
The file must be sent as a high resolution jpg, tiff, or anyother image format, but the original technique is free (hand-drawing, photography, computer graphics..)
Document must be 2-sided


Digital version must be suitable to be inserted in an email body (HTML5, GIF, JPG…), whether it is static or dynamic, and there are no size restrictions.

Please a file containing previous examples of physical and digital formats.


The design must include AGi’s logo as shown on this and it must be clear and visible.


Any text included in the design should be written in English.


Including the message “Happy New Year” in the greeting card will be mandatory.


Any technique will be valid as long as it can be delivered by post card and/or email.


The proposal must be sent via mail to on or before DECEMBER 4th.


In each category, there will be 5 finalists, selected at a first stage by AGi directors, and only one winning design to be voted by extended team of AGi.*

*AGi’s staff ones whose children had participated in the competition will not be able to vote in the kids category.


This is an open and international competition. Every person or group of persons will be able to propose a design*. There is no registration phase, all designs received in our email by the end of the deadline will be considered for the competition as long as they fulfil the guidelines described in this brochure. There is no entry fee.

*AGi staff is excluded from the competition and will not be able to participate, since they will be part of the jury.


One winning design will be selected for each category.

  • Adults Category winner will be awarded with 500€.
  • Kids Category winner will receive a Construction Game.

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