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October 4, 2012

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ammi-visnagaPlease choose from our selection of handmade cards below. If you have any special instructions please use the "Instructions to merchant" field to let us know what they are. For example you might like us to send the card a particular person on a given date with a specific message.

One for the gentlemen, this boldly geometrical card avoids flowers and fuss. Available in other colour schemes to order.

ammi-visnaga12x12cm. £4.50

For the dramatic lady in your life! Reproduction 19th century theatre print with paste gems, great with theatre flowers.

11x14.5cm. £4.50

A discreetly modern version of a sympathy card with a hand-painted panel and deep coloured flowers.

Collage of images styled by our creative team. A card for any occasion, male or female.


Great for birthday and theatre flowers.

Design by Paul JC.

13x13cm. £4.50

Fashionable combination of flowers and geometric shapes featuring a hand-painted background.

15x10cm. £4.50

A simple floral card with a little sparkle. The perfect accompaniment with any bouquet. Available in other colours to order.

ammi-visnaga ammi-visnaga ammi-visnaga ammi-visnaga
Source: www.flor-unikon.com

Cute Handmade Birthday Card
Cute Handmade Birthday Card
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Buy Christmas Cards | Handmade Christmas Cards Online
Buy Handmade Cards Online
Buy Handmade Cards Online
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